Thursday, August 30, 2012

Some shares and happenings...

Hello dear followers and readers~

The month of August is getting near it's end and I smell Autumn in the air! I have stitched most every day, but have little to share, as they are mostly smalls and I plan to share them after their trip to Faye, that extraordinary finisher! Although the next time I post I might just change my mind and share them anyway, just so that you know I do put needle through my linen as often as I can!

In the meantime I do have a few pictures to share of things that I brought home from the framer today. I am pleased to introduce Praise God in all of her finery...I am pleased as to how well she turned out with the molding that we chose to showcase her beauty:
 Praise God by La-D-Da

Praise God top left close-up of frame
(colors of molding, linen and fiber much more true in first picture)

Also picked up at the framer's was a project stitched for me by my dear Lori. It is by Shepherd's Bush Santa and Stockings and I am seriously thinking of hanging it up before Christmas and then forgetting to take it down. I LOVE it!!
Shepherd's Bush Santa and Stockings 

Close up of frame
Many of you already know of Faye Riggsbee (The Carolina Stitcher) and her extraordinary talent with creating lovely finishes...and lately she has been putting her own touches on some fabulously constructed and embellished project pouches! I wanted you to see the lining color, because I just love how it complements the outside of the pouch and the sweet felt embelllishments! I love it, Faye, thank you so much!

 Project Pouch by Carolina Stitcher

Thank you all so much for stopping by! I am just thrilled with myself for getting another blog post in August....I certainly have been lax about it this year! All I can do is my best though, and hopefully maybe in the future be better with getting here more often! 

I will be traveling to the northern part of Indiana this weekend to be a part of celebrating my granddaughter Addison Rose's 2 nd Birthday! Of course she is my Addi Bean and I just pray that the sweet years of her life are many and blessed. I know she is a blessing to me and I love her with my whole heart! Isn't she a cutey?
Addison Rose Mojica
Turning 2 years old on September 2, 2012

Until next time, may your days be blessed and your stitching time fruitful!

Love, Jan


Vickie said...

Yes, she is a cutie. Happy Birthday Addison!
You beat me! I am very close to a finish on Praise God myself. =)

Patty C. said...

Gorgeous work - love the framing!

marly said...

Your grandchildren are beautiful and blessed to have a family that includes a loving grandma! Great frame choices.

Andrea said...

Your framed finishes are just wonderful Jan!! I especially love your Praise God finish and frame! Wow, I need to stitch that one soon!

Little Addison is a doll! How lucky she is to have such a wonderful Grandma to come see her for her birthday :)


Margaret said...

Oh my gosh -- the first thing I saw when I came to your blog was the pic of proud grandma with her grandbabies. They are adorable! Beautiful girls! Happy birthday to Addison! Have a great visit! Love your framed pieces too. Gorgeous!

Tracey said...

Beautiful pieces, and I love that bag. Faye is so talented. I wish she lived closer to me(we both live in NC) so she could teach me some things. :) Your granddaughter is precious!

Anonymous said...

Love the "coats" you have given to Praise God and the SB piece. Both mouldings are fabulous! Love the picture of Miss Addi Bean! Hard to believe she is almost 2!

Have a good and safe trip!


Chris said...

Your framed pieces are lovely. It is so great that you have been able to stitch every day!
I hope that Addison has a wonderful birthday!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Both framed pieces are gorgeous, Jan. I particularly love Praise God. I think I have that pattern, I may have to go dig it out now.
Your little Addison is a beautiful girl! I love the black and white picture, too! Enjoy your weekend with her.

Mouse said...

happy birthday to addi bean she has grown in to a cutie pie hasn't she ...
lovely stitching and framed pieces too and fayes pouches are gorgeous too :) love mouse xxxx

Kathy said...

Wonderful framing on both beautiful pieces! Love the piece Lorie stitched for you.
I cnn't believe Addie is 2 already. She's such a cutie. Enjoy your weekend.

Denise said...

Beautiful stitching and framing. It is such a satifing feeling when they are complete like that. Your granddaughter is a doll.
Happy Stitching

Karoline said...

Gorgeous framing, they all look lovely.

Hard to believe that Miss Addie is two already but then I struggle to see where the time has gone with my own two year old.

Tammy said...

What a precious little girl!! Your stitching is just beautiful-love the framing on them!


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