Thursday, May 14, 2009

A little more Eve and a bit of absence

Greetings dear blogging friends!

I have been working on Eve, since my last post, and since I am a very slow stitcher, not much progress has been made, but each stitch will be a step to the finish line! I am not sure about the flesh color for Eve, I do hope she is not going to look like she needs a Vitamin B-12 shot or anything, after all she is fresh from God's creation! But I had to switch out the NPI called for, because of my choice of fabric.

'Scuse the wrinkles and the not so great pic!

I will be leaving for my daughter's tomorrow morning. Need to pack up the SUV tonight, with everything for the baby shower. Course most of the food I will just buy when I get up there and prepare. Hope that many come, haven't gotten that many RSVP's, but you know everyone is busy, and especially if they do plan to attend, they usually just come.

I will be returning late Sunday evening, hope that you all have a wonderful weekend, and I will be 'seeing' you when I get home the first of the week!

Thanks for your visits and wonderful comments!;)

Love, Jan