Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mary Wigham Conversion

I spent some time yesterday, pulling NPI silks to match up the DMC charted on this ever so special Ackworth Quaker Sampler! Wanted to share with you, here is a pic:

A nice fabric medium would be Lakeside's Vintage Light Examplar. The fibers really look great on it!

Conversion from DMC to NPI Silks

725 ~ 554
407 ~ 204
356 ~ 205
963 ~ 941
3857 ~ 127
3768 ~ 323
3052 ~ 401
ecru ~ 871
930 ~ 746
white ~ 991bb
739 ~ 851
3822~ 552
927 ~ 154
black~ 993
934 ~ 296
352 ~ 532
435 ~ 773
225 ~ 706
3855 ~ 133
433 ~ 766
519 ~ 111
746 ~ 991

Please note, in the original listing of DMC posted on the Needleprint site, there was DMC 966 included. After viewing and downloading the first installment, there is no 966 listed in the color key. If for some reason it turns up later, then 662 NPI is a good conversion for 966 DMC.

I had thought about putting in a few Belle Soie for affect, but not being able to see the entire chart yet, I decided to just list the NPI. They are very good match and will make a lovely palette for this project.

Silks continue to be on sale on Only One Ewe Needleworks website, so please email at if you are needing any of these, before the 15th!

How many of you will be stitching this lovely? I plan too, but won't start yet, will see how it goes. I have Beatrix Potter in the works, and Sarah Moon kitted up, so will just wait on this one. How about you all?

Thanks again for visiting and all of your lovely comments on my Simply Live finish!:)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Living Simply With Joy!!

Although time is still fleeting these days, and it has seemed like forever since I last posted, it has been a good life, with much joy, family and love! I do have a finish to share, I put in the last stitches last evening, on this sweet piece.

Primitive Needle's Simply Live
40 ct R&R Cafe Kona Linen
Converted Fibers to Crescent Colours and Weeks

I have been trying to post all afternoon, I have several different pics, non- stitching related to share with you, dear friends. But since blogger isn't allowing, I will wait until tomorrow to try again!I also will be getting back to stitching on Eve by La-D-Da this evening, so hoping to show you an updated pic of her!

Thanks so much for reading, visiting and posting such encouraging and uplifting comments! You are all the best! Have a great few days, until next time!

I have been asked for my conversion to this great project, so here goes:

Old Rose ~ Apple Fritter Crescent Colours
Aged Black ~ Blacksmith Blue Crescent Colours
Antique Violet ~ Bamboo or Toasted Marshmallow Crescent Colours
Olive Green ~ Kudzu Weeks
Withered Blue ~ Tartan Plaid Crescent Colours
Tarnished Gold ~ Ye Olde Gold Crescent Colours
Rusted Orange ~ Colonial Copper Crescent Colours
Brown ~ Hickory Sticks Crescent Colours

I did make another change, as I was stitching, I decided to use Hickory Sticks, instead of Colonial Copper for the two borders at the top and bottom of the alphabet. Felt it was just too much of the orange.