Monday, February 20, 2012

Announcing Giveaway Winner, Etc!

OK here we are a short time AFTER I have drawn the name of the winner...anyone care for a drumroll?

Congratulations to...........DEBORAH of Cranberry Samplings fame

Thanks so much to all that participated, I am so sorry if you didn't win, wish I could send everyone something! Anyway, I did take a picture of the piece that will be going to Deborah...but the rest of the goodies, will not be divulged, because of two reasons...I still have some things I want to add...and also she should be the first to see, don't you all agree?

This sweet little pillow was stitched by me and finished by dear Faye who does absolutely gorgeous finishing work and she always, always makes every little finish, so unique to herself and whomever she is finishing it for. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this small pillow, Deborah...I so wanted to include something with a bit of a heart theme, since this is Valentine's month and my birthday all rolled into one! So....there will be more goodies, and the goody package will be on it's way next week, so please email me, Deborah with your mailing info at my email address, please! tree of life Thanks for playing!

Well, I have been trying my best to stitch every day, and have been true to that, for these first six weeks of 2012, with the exception of maybe three days, when I didn't pick up the needle. And not every day, did I put in very many stitches, but I am pleased to say that even with the minimal stitching, progress is made. I said I wouldn't share another picture of Time and Season Sampler by Moira Blackburn, until it was finished, but I just feel that I need to go back on that statement and share my progress. Still lots of stitching left to do, but feeling pretty confident (maybe I shouldn't say that) that T & S will be a finish for 2012!! I can only hope! Here are a couple pics:
Do you see that word TIME? There will be a TIME that I get this sampler done, framed and on the wall, right? That is why the year is not yet stitched in the upper right hand border! lol This is stitched on 32 ct Antique Ivory with DMC threads.

And our dear Margaret suggested I start sharing some pics, of my sweet, sweet companion and darling kitty, here is Boo (aka Sugar Smack) my 7 year old calico.
That is it for this week, dear readers! I appreciate you stopping by for a visit and posting a comment. It is a joy to read them!

Love, Jan