Monday, October 12, 2009

Waffing, etc!!

That is a word, isn't it? Anyway, if it isn't it sounds like a good descriptive 'new' word for Webster to grab on to. The word itself sounds like how I have been these days. Not bad, dear blog readers, no, not bad, just waffing....running around without much direction,trying to multi-task and coming up even more confused,crazy busy,discombobulated,did I say crazy? Etc!

Definitely time for a post on this blog! I am so very behind! But had a very good month, a visit for a long weekend from some stitching pals, lots of stitching, sharing, shopping, eating and NO sleep! Took some time to recoup, but it was oh so worth it!! The following weekend, brought my Allie Bug and her parents to Nana's house, and boy did I get in lots of loving and cuddles! She is growing so much, and trying so hard to coo and chit chat! I loved every minute and still yearn to hear those coos and unidentifiable syllables that come out of her mouth! Of course, I got some pictures!She is 3 months old now!

Love Me, now who couldn't love such a face?

Playing Yahtzee with Mommy and Daddy, after watching the Colts win! Of course, she has a Colts onsie and bib to match!

And I found a great deal on a new swing for Allie, she really enjoys that yellow bear, keeps hitting it and making it spin:

Allie having a good time, playing with Momma:

And Allie hanging out with Nana, watching and listening to Nick Jr on the tube! What a delight she is, especially in the morning hours!

I miss her....

In between cleaning and the usual daily stuff, I have been working on designs! Of course, I always overextend myself, thinking, oh I can get that stitched in a short period of time, yadda, yadda! Anyway, if you haven't seen Quaker Silence, my second design that has been released, here is a picture:

A third design almost ready for release is New Mercies. Here is a small sneakpeek of that design. I hope that it intrigues you, this is just a small portion of it:

In the works now is a Christmas design. It will be the first of a series,hopefully of samplers to remember my great-grandmother, Emma Rose. I am anxious to get to stitching on this one. Will be sure and share a sneak peek when I have some done.

Personal stitching has been at a minimum, although I did finish up La-D-Da's A Right Spirit. I changed the color palette of this quite alot. I do love how it turned out. I used my daughter's initials, since it will be a Christmas gift for her! Shhh...I really don't think Megan reads my blog, but I know that Ashley does, so Ashley dear, don't tell your sister! lol

Other stitching has been for gifts, which I can't share as I am sure that they are at least readers of my blog!

Weather here in Indiana, has turned quite chilly, I believe it got down to 31 degrees the other night. Although not any snow, and I am glad, it is just too early for that, the leaves have been vibrant in their show of colors! Enjoying this time of the year greatly and I do so hope that winter doesn't arrive too early.

So sorry for bombarding you with so many pics, but had much to share! I will leave you with one more, this was taken at my mother's home, first time seeing her greatgrandchild Alexandra! This pic is of four generations, Mimi the Great, Alexandra, Ashley and me!

I hope all is well with all of you, dear blog readers! I appreciate you taking the time to stop by, read and post! I love reading your comments! Take good care and have some stitching fun!

Love, Jan