Friday, April 9, 2010

As Promised...

I am back with some pictures to share of my latest stitchings! One of them you have seen, but not in it's frame, the other you haven't seen at all, at least not stitched by my hands! I worked on it this winter, during my illness!

I am just so overcome with your kindness and compassion, thank you so much for ALL of the wonderful and heartfelt comments! Friends such as yourself were and are most beneficial and key to my recovery, and I mean that with all of my heart!

First of all, one of the two I just recently picked up from my framer's is Simply Live by Primitive Needle. It was a delight to stitch, but when it came to finding just the right frame for it, I was having a hard time, till I stumbled upon this one! I think it is perfect for it, and I am so pleased! It is hanging low in my office over one of my filing cabinets. Keeps me 'centered' while working and reminds me to keep life simple, slow down when I can and focus on what matters the most! I love it!

The second piece that I picked up from my framer's is by La-D-Da and titled Watchful Eye. I started this before Christmas and didn't finish it until a few short weeks ago. It kept me going through my extended illness and bedrest, and turned out to be quite meaningful to me! Isn't it something how what we choose to stitch at any given time, does affect what comes to pass? I did change the color palette a bit with this one, if anyone is interested in my changes, feel free to email me, I will gladly share! I have found that I stitch a lot of La-D-Da's and I love her designs but almost always change the colors to suit me better!

I do have a design for Tree of Life Samplings completed! It is titled The Sparrow and is now in the capable hands of one of my model stitchers! I am anxious to show you, and I know it won't be too long a wait until I do! It is a pretty neat design, one I am well pleased with and I think you are going to like it too! Stay tuned!

I have a trip planned for tomorrow, I am going to go and visit my daughter and family for a few days! Of course that means lots of precious and quality time with Allie Bug, I haven't seen her since the middle of February and I am really missing her! I will take a few pics to share upon my return, never fear!

I have a request for a special favor! I have searched high and low for a pattern by Sheepish Designs titled Alpha Birds and cannot locate it anywhere! I have Alpha Menagerie and Alpha Sheep, but not the first one in this set, and I am so wanting to stitch them! If there is anyone that can help, please email me at I will gladly purchase it, trade for something, anything you request! And I appreciate the efforts, thank you!!!

Hey, thanks again, dear blogging friends, I feel your love and compassion and value you that more then you know! Thanks for being out there and letting me know you all care!!

Make some special fun with your stitching!

Love, Jan