Thursday, March 19, 2009

Suzanne and Katrina....

wanted to answer your questions! Thanks everyone for your lovely comments on my two 'pet' projects!!

First of Suzanne, I purchased the pattern for Mary Allen from The Attic Needleworks in Ariz! I need to try and call the designer, I believe she is local there in AZ and try and find out if I can get some of these stocked at OOE! The designer's name is Samplers Remembered, and it is Village Square Sampler, Mary Allen 1818. Let me know if you have trouble locating a copy and I will work on getting some in stock!

Katrina, would love to give you my conversion for This Is The Day! I am flattered that you like it! Here goes:

GAST Pumpkin Pie ~ GAST Cidermill Brown, except for the sun, I used CC Finley Gold.
GAST Roasted Marshmallow ~ Bamboo (I had to go with a little lighter color, since my fabric is much lighter then the called for fabric.)
GAST Picnic Basket ~ Crescent Colours Cocoa Bean
GAST Tomato ~ Crescent Colours Red Currant
GAST Old Brick ~ Crescent Colours Wild Berries
CC Just Rust ~ Crescent Colours Wild Berries
CC Colonial Copper ~ Weeks Whiskey.
CC Camouflage ~ Crescent Colours Bean Sprout.
CC Black Coffee ~ Crescent Colours Blackbird.
Weeks Conch ~ I used a whiter variegated, something with a little lightish brown in it, but plenty of white to show up. I believe it is CC Bamboo or Toasted Marshmallow. Hard to say what will work for another, depending on fabric color choice, and dyelots!

Hope this isn't too confusing, Katrina and hope it helps some. Let me know if there are any other questions, good luck!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Promised Mary Allen WIP, etc.

I finally took a pic of my progress on this special sampler. I haven't worked on it since last Friday, though. Itching to get back to it, but also enjoying working on This Is the Day. I also took a couple updated pics of it, to show the progress I made over the weekend.

Very slow progress, but I will get there. This project is just screaming to be done and framed and over my fireplace mantel! And it is all the fault of Siobhan and Terri, for enabling me so, with their finished Mary Allen's! Love you guys! This a pic of the completed model Mary Allen, in case some of you readers haven't seen it yet:

Isn't it just beautiful? I am loving the conversion to NPI Silks!

Also those pics of This Is The Day, by Hands To Work. I converted the called for fibers, to a little bit different look:

and a close up of the over 1 block, just need to add my initials.

It has been a gloriously beautiful day here in Indiana!! Hope you all are experiencing nice weather too!

Thanks for visiting and commenting!