Thursday, October 22, 2009

Autumn is Waffing/Lucky Me Ramblings!

Dear blog friends, here is it Thursday! I have been enjoying some wonderful autumn weather recently, but skies are overcast today, with rain in the forecast. Today is my mother's 82nd Birthday...Happy Birthday Momma and the family is all heading to the Golden Corral this evening to celebrate! My dear Daddy, asked me the other day to do his shopping for him, bless his heart, so of course, I agreed! Just hope they are both content with what I purchased! lol

Here is a pic of the drive home the other day. This is the road that takes me the back way home, not one I travel much in the winter, because it is narrow and very curvy! But boy is it scenic and does have it's attributes, not only the glorious backwoods areas, but it gets me out of the traffic jams going the other way!

Alas, I should have taken the pic a couple of weeks ago, because now so many of those leaves, are dying and turning a yucky brown color! We have had quite alot of colder weather, but thankfully no snow yet. I do like winter and snow, but it is too early for that, at least for me!

Another pic, of some mums and pumpkins I got for the front porch:

See Kitty Disco?

Also, the lucky me part of my title, referrs to this lucky, lucky win, I received on Jolene's blog recently! You are such a generous heart, Jolene and I just love my goodies!

Blackbird Designs Midnight Watch, with all of the fibers to stitch it, a lovely cut of linen for it, purchased from Shepherd's Bush, an ever so cute kitty ornament, that looks so much like the kitty on top of the house...everything you see in this picture! Thanks again, Jolene, for the opportunity to play and win, at your wonderful blog! If you haven't visited Jolene's blog,Dip Diddley Designs be sure and do so today!

I posted on Tree of Life Samplings blog yesterday, about taking New Mercies, my next design to the framer's! Yay! I can't wait to share with you all, I do so hope you like it! I also posted a little complimentary design for you to click on and print off, if you would like, so be sure and visit there! I will have the unveiling for New Mercies, sometime early next week, just as soon as I get it back from the framer's and snap some pics!

Stitching on Emma Rose Christmas now! Just as soon as I get a little more done, I will post a sneak peek of it! I am really excited about this one, it is the first, in what I hope to be a series of memoirs, celebrating my great-grandmother's life!

Will leave you with one last picture of my Allie Bug...she is helping Momma with the laundry it seems! LOL I am just glad that Ashley uses plastic hangers, and not the wire variety, or it might not have been a laughing matter!

Till next time, make some magic with your stitching!

Love, Jan