Friday, February 27, 2009

Can I suck my thumb in the corner?

It has been one of those weeks, that is full of things that must be done, because they involve other people and their lives, and I cannot digress! Oh, but I want to, I want to go and sit in the far corner, away from the world, pull my knees up with a pillow and stick that thumb in my mouth. Maybe then Mother will take care of everything...Good Grief, what I am saying??? My Mother take care of things, and I am well up in my ahmmm 50's? Anyway, I am sure you have all had a week such as this and you probably handled everything like a true grownup person should, unlike me, cringing and wanting to eat everything in sight, just to get over the stress!! Next week WILL be better, this I know, because God promised to take care of things!

Thanks for letting me vent, now on to a bit of stitchey news. I haven't been doing a whole lot, last weekend, I spent at my baby daughter's home and we went shopping for baby stuff! She was a great daughter and baked me a Carrot Cake for my birthday, bless her heart! A really lovely weekend, then to come home to the week of 'more stress then I care to handle at once' week.

Oh yes, I was going to share some stitchey news, see how my mind is jumping all over the place? Worse then usual, cuz my dear friends know that I am all over the place usually! I did finish an ornament last night, Blackbird Designs Christmas 2004 Ornament. Stitched on R&R Autumn Leaves, with the recommended GAST threads. Picture is above. And that is because I am still green between the ears, with this blogger thing. Then I just decided to pull out my wip on Plum Street Samplers Seven Days of Creation, stitched on R&R 36 Ct Creme' Brulee with converted fibers from Crescent Colours. I have not worked on this in forever, but plan to put in some work on it this next week. Okay, so that ended up above the ornament at the top! OH well! Next, is a sampler that I have been working on for several weeks, and I am really enjoying it. It is Hands To Work This Is The Day Sampler, stitched on 32 Ct R&R French Vanilla with various fibers from Crescent Colours and GAST, different from what the designer used. The pciture is lousy, think my hands were shaking, either it is too much coffee (pffftttt) or just an after affect of the week!
I so plan to spend as much time this weekend as I can, best stress-reliever that I know of!! LOL
Thanks for visiting and posting a comment! I love getting comments, it is so encouraging, thank you all!