Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Certifiable Start-i-tis!!!!

OK, you all may be cracking up at the title of this post, but do know I am feeling that there is a problem, with all of my starts! I got the idea for doing this from Dear Margaret. Not that she has more starts then she can handle...exactly the opposite, she starts AND finishes things before I even think about it! She is amazing and a wonderful enabler, as are many more of you, Siobhan, Scarlett House Tanya, Shannon, Nicole, and others. Then I do know there are those that have the same problem with startitis as I do. Right?

Anyways back to my reason for this post and subsequent pictures...I was thinking, gee willikers, I haven't posted for over a week, and I really don't have much to share. BUT, I then decided I would bare all and take some pics of some of my wips in groups. There are ten pictured...ahhmmm.yes.ten. And they are all screaming at me, can you hear them? Should I send them to Margaret, Siobhan, Tanya to finish for me, or should I start more, to feed that start-i-tis addiction?

And the other half:

Any suggestions?
Life here continues to be good, lots of activity though, with summer in full swing, and I mean full swing with record high temps and humidity and storms to go along with it. My dear brother and his wife, were visiting and we had lots of good times. They have now went back to Texas and they will be missed!

Daughter Ashley is two weeks away from her due date and we are so ready!! Excited. Joyful. Thankful. Inpatient. Had a phone call yesterday morning, from DD, that had me flying around here, pulling clothes from the closet, calling son Scotty to come and check out the suv to make it ready for the trip and making lists of things, so I wouldn't forget to pack them. But it was a false alarm...she was just really fatigued I think, from a really uncomfortable, pain-filled sleepless night and was having lots of periodic contractions. So we are still waiting, but at least I have things ready to go!!

I hope that each of you is enjoying your summer and that you have lots of good stitching times during the lazy dog days!

Create some fun. Know you are loved. Stitch like it is the last day of your life.

I appreciate all of your comments...must be honest here, that is the motivation for me making a new post, the anticipation of your lovely words, almost like you are here in person for a visit! So thank you, in advance, you are the best!

Love, Jan