Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Thoughts

I don't have any picture shares for this post, but wanted to touch base and share some of my wayward, random stitching thoughts. You know those thoughts that are always at the brink of our minds? Yep, those! After visiting a few blogs this morning, I have decided that I need to be a bit more conscious of what I do have in my wip basket...did I say basket? Make that baskets, bins, drawers, etc! Good Grief, I think I need help. I am a bit better at the start-itis, but still feel compelled to hurry up and finish a couple in my wip, before starting something new. But with the recent market, and subsequent new releases, boy it is difficult. That said, I am going to be posting a list soon on this blog, to keep track of what I have going, maybe that will make me a bit more mindful, about starting yet another project? Oh well, I will make a stab at it!

The other thing I really want/need to do is work on taking better pictures. I probably would benefit from the purchase of a new camera, but not in the budget to do so at this time, so just going to have to study and work with the one I have.

Trip out of town today, hoping Friday traffic isn't awful, so I can get home and spend some more time working on Mary Allen. I have spent some lovely, enjoyable time with her this week. Wasn't overly crazy with the color palette at first, but now I can see it all coming together!

Will be back with an updated pic of my progress on her this weekend. Thanks for stopping by and posting. Your comments are always appreciated so much!!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meanderings Continued...

Just stopping by to say hello to all of my fellow bloggers! Life here has been humdrum at best, but know it will improve. Appreciate your comments and lovely words of encouragement, please know that!

I have done some stitching, working on an ornament, but not finished with it yet. Also stitching on Mary Allen Sampler, but will wait till the end of the week, to share a picture of my progress on that. Also spent some time with This Is the Day, from Hands To Work. Both of these, I am really enjoying the journey of stitching, each stitch is a joy. I would love to have them both done and framed and hanging in my home, but I do know that I must cherish each day that I stitch on each of them. So I will bide my time! I pretty much completed the tree on Hands To Work, have I told you I love trees? And this one is extra special with it's details! Here is an updated pic.

Once again, thanks for visiting and for all of your comments! I appreciate them!