Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Celebration...and Rescue!

I certainly hope that all of my blogging friends had a blessed Thanksgiving with their family and friends! Ours started out wonderfully and ended wonderfully, but quite chaotic! I had several guests at my dinner table, so did not want my kitty Disco to be a bother, so I put him in my bedroom behind closed doors. My daughter went up into the storage room, which is part of the attic to look for a few things, and she did not realize that Disco had followed her in! She shut off the light and shut the door! Anyway, about 4 hours later, I was sitting watching television with my two remaining sons, when we heard a noise in the fireplace! Thinking it might be a wild animal that had gotten in there somehow ( I had had the fireplace cleaned out the week before, and thought maybe they had left the top cover off of the chimney), we just continued to watch television. I was planning on calling the fireplace people the next morning and tell them to come and get the animal out, since of course that is what MUST have happened! After my sons went home later in the evening, I went on a search for my kitty Disco, thinking he had fallen asleep under my bed or was in hiding somewhere! I couldn't find him, then I started thinking, what if somehow he had gotten in the attic storage room, and gotten in that fireplace?????

Anyway, to make a much longer story, a bit shorter, that is indeed what happened! He found a large enough opening to squeeze through in the insulation of the house, walked on the planks of the house to the back, and then fell into the wall in the fireplace! Of course, he couldn't get back out, and once my son came back over to investigate and help me figure out a way to get him out, we decided we had better just call the fire department and hope they would be of assistance! They were great, but of course they had to cut a pretty good size hole in my drywall above my fireplace to get to him! I have a gas log and to have removed all of that, it would have required a lot more costly work to have redone, so we opted for the hole!

Good news is.....Disco was not injured, but was glad to get out, after being in there for almost seven hours!! Also I have been wanting to get rid of that yucky green wall around my fireplace...guess now is the best time! My son, is working at getting the drywall repaired, so life is good! Who would have ever guessed!!

Sorry for the lack of posting, and lack of reading and commenting, I will try and do much better in the next few weeks! Maybe life will settle down!!

I do so appreciate you stopping by and for your comments, I enjoy reading them so much!

I will leave you with two pictures, the first of my dining room table that morning, and the second of Disco and his fearless rescuers! Thank you Honey Creek Township FireFighters, you are the best!!!

Love, Jan