Thursday, April 1, 2010

Time Passes....

and before you know it, it is April Fool's Day! And you start thinking, if you don't get off your duff and post on your blog, everyone is going to forget all about you and never visit again! After all, it has been almost 3 months now since your last post, and what is that all about???

A bit of an explanation ~  I mentioned in my last post, the first part of January, that I had been diagnosed with pneumonia, and I was trying to recouperate. Well, the week following my last post about that, I was admitted to the hospital where I spent the next 15 days, being treated for pneumonia complications and going through lung surgery and recouperating from that. I came home at the end of January, but still had a long way to go, to a full recovery, in fact, I am not there yet, BUT the good news is, I feel so much better now and at least I am able to get back to my life!

Apologies ~ I need to apologize for not having been here to post on my blog's anniversary, goodness, it was my first year's anniversary, and I missed it! I wanted to have a neat giveaway, for all of my readers, and missed the opportunity! I also had another milestone in February, I turned 60 years old...OUCH, boy that does hurt! lol Anyway, just to let you know, I hope I am never away for that long again, I have missed so much visiting with all of you, and commenting on your blogs, I am seriously behind on my reading, but hope to catch up soon!

Pictures ~ Or should I say lack thereof!! I have often said, what is a post without pictures? And always try to share at least one, but this post, is going to be just the written word! I do promise to follow with some pics, very very soon, like in the next week! I have been stitching a little ( not as much as I would have liked, when one is bedridden and getting over a major illness, which is the perfect opportunity to stitch, instead you just concentrate on getting better!) and will share some of that, I promise! And probably a new pic or two of my sweet Allie Bug! My daughter is pregnant again, so Allie will have a baby sibling in September of this year! Such fun that will be!!

Oh and that Giveaway? Maybe later then intended, but it is going to happen very soon, so be watching!

Happy Easter! May you and yours have the most blessed of holidays!!

Thanks for your visit, thanks for your patience and thanks for your comments! I appreciate each and everyone of them and YOU!! Make some stitchey fun very soon!

Love, Jan