Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Some special treasures, first a gift, then some finds!

I hope that this finds you, my blogging friends, staying cool, wherever you are! I think that this summer will stand out in our minds for it's extreme heat and humidity! I know that last night, was so unsufferable to even sit for a few minutes on the front porch. I didn't even attempt to go for my nightly walk, because I just knew it wouldn't even be healthy for me! Now that said, I go every night, and usually don't even venture out until sometime between 9 and 10 pm, because of the heat. I try to walk at least 2 miles, and sometimes 3 miles, and when I come home, I definitely need a cool down period. But last night? No maam, wouldn't even attempt it! And I missed it...I just hope tonight isn't a repeat, but I am thinking that it might be. I love the changing seasons, and I don't want to wish my life away, since it is moving swiftly enough, but I can't wait for Autumn!!! Stay cool, wherever you are!

I got such a lovely thank you gift on Monday, from Faye. She sent me this sweet pin pillow, complete with special pins that she made herself! Isn't it the prettiest thing? I will treasure it, Faye, thank you ever so much. I don't have many smalls in my collection and each one I get is a special treasure to own! Also when saying your prayers, if you would add dear Faye's mil Ada, to your list, she is in need of them! Thank you and I know Faye would and does appreciate those prayers!
On Saturday, I decided to treat myself and make a trip to the antique mall that is about 5 miles south of me. I enjoy going once in awhile to see what treasures they might have. Love to have company along, but love to go alone too, because sometimes I just take my time and find more things, you know what I mean? I never fail to bring something home, but this trip, I was able to find some great things, that I have a picture of below:

The drawer is from an antique sewing cabinet and was in great shape, so I couldn't pass it up! Not sure yet what I will use it for, but I can bet I will find a good use for it soon! I love drawers, boxes and cabinets!! Another weakness I have is for glass canning jars...this one was a super buy and it said Drey (I don't have many that are from that company) and it is a larger size, then the quart sizes that you see everywhere. I wish I could tell you what size it is, but I am horrid with measurements, anyone help me out? Is it a quart and a half, maybe? I know it isn't a gallon size! Anyway, I love it!! I only collect the smaller pint sized antique canning jars and they are hard to find. As is this size. Also got lucky and found a couple more flower frogs, now I have four of these! Last but certainly not least, I found five, count'em five antique sewing machine oil cans!!! I was jumping for joy at the find, and the price was right, $4. each!!! Yay!!! I had a great time!!!
I do have a couple of stitchey pics to share, of a couple of my wips! Haven't had as much time as I would like to stitch these days, but I do try to put in a few stitches each day!

This is a really lousy picture of Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers #9 Sunflower House, my progress as of the end of July! A fun stitch, stitching it with the recommended colors of fibers on Old Mill Java by R&R! A slow stitch, since I have some obligation stitching to complete, but I have been enjoying every stitch.

Also another slow wip:

PLEASE do forgive the wrinkle down the middle!!! I needed to bring it upstairs and set up the ironing board, and I was just too lazy busy to do that! This is Beatrix Potter Sampler, not quite in her full glory, but one stitch at a time will bring that to pass. Just not sure what year that will be...She is stitched on 32 ct French Vanilla linen from R&R with Used Brick Crescent Colours fibers. I love how it is looking so far!!

That is about it for now! I am heading out for some early errands, before the sultry heat is in full swing! I want to thank you all so much for coming to visit, and reading and commenting! You all just make my day! If you aren't a follower yet, then I would be thrilled if you become one today!

Today, whatever you do, do with love and gusto!! And try and have some stitchey fun too!

Love, Jan