Friday, May 8, 2009

Sarah, Eve and FREEDOM!!!

Hello dear blogging friends! It has been awhile since I posted, and I still need to get caught up on what you have been doing the last few weeks. Weather here is so dreary, rain, rain and more rain! I know that many of you are experiencing much the same thing, those that aren't are in need of rain. That is so how it goes!

I have been getting a little stitching done, but not as much as I would like. First picture share is of Sarah Salter by Sheepish Designs and I did change the color palette quite alot in this piece, I converted the DMC to Belle Soie Silks and so far I am loving it! Of course I love Red! I took out all of the blues and pinks in the design (sure hope that Sarah forgives me for that, but I think she would understand!)
Not the greatest of pictures, since I have no natural light, but you can get the idea:

Sarah Salter by Sheepish Designs
36 ct R&R Liberty Gathering Gray
Belle Soie Silks, Conversion

Next is a new start! Since I saw this stitched, I have wanted to do it, just now deciding to bring it out to start! I did change a couple of the NPI silks, since my fabric choice is darker then what was recommended. Not much done, but a start:

Eve by La-D-Da
40 Ct Lakeside Vintage Basketweave
NPI Silks, as charted, with two changes

Now on to the last part of my title, FREEDOM!! I made a decision this month, that I would forego making goals for the month, with my stitching. I have set goals every month for at least the last four years, and I don't know whether it is me, or just the time goes so quickly...anyway, by the time the first of May came, I said to myself "Self, oh drudgery, time to set those goals AGAIN!" I then decided no more, I would just stitch on what I wanted to, and probably get just as much done, and not have that proverbial goal-listing monkey on my back! After all, I have enough to do lists around here, and at my age, they are getting a bit cumbersome!! So I am FREE...FREE...FREE!!!! And it feels so good!! I am enjoying my stitching lots more!! OH yes, there will be some obligation stitching, gifts, an RR I am currently in, but that isn't near so overwhelming as those goal lists!!!:) Do any of you set goals for yourself? If so, it is a good thing, don't mean that, it is just time for me to do something different!!

I will leave you with a couple of pics, here is my Andy Boo, stitching buddy, he is a male calico and just as sweet as he can be! Course now, I caught him napping and he did not appreciate that flash on the camera, hence the half-closed eyes and his mouth is open yelling at me! LOL He does a lot of talking to me...and I am not sure what that black-looking thing in his mouth is! LOL LOL

And lastly here is a pic of my lilac bush in the front, wish I had snapped the pic a few days earlier, it was much prettier then, but oh my the smell is wonderful!

Till next time, enjoy your neck of of the woods, and I hope you get plenty of time to cross those stitches!! Thanks so much for visiting and your so kind and warm comments! I love reading them!!

Love, Jan