Monday, August 17, 2009

Unveiling a NEW Design!

From a brand new designer 'Tree of Life Samplings' (moi)!!

This is what I have been doing of late, designing and stitching the model (which took me forever, since I had so many changes, as I was stitching!) Anyway, it is now in it's frame and patterns are being printed as we speak!

I hope to have them ready to sell within the next week or ten days! So if you are interested, shoot me an email: Hope you like! You should be able to click on the picture, to get a slightly larger pic and closer look!

'Rare Treasures'
Needlepoint Inc Silks
R&R Creme Brulee 36 ct linen

So busy I have been, stitching this model and designing a couple more, I hope to release, in the not too distant future!

Also, what kind of a post would it be, without a recent snap of my precious Allie Bug?

As always, I really covet and appreciate your kind and encouraging comments! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I hope to get caught up with my blog reading over the next few days, to see what you all have been doing!

Till then!

Love, Jan