Friday, June 12, 2009

A Lil' Eve and Some Found Treasures!

It is almost mid-June already, unbelievable the way time just zooms by! Trying to take each day as a new one and be as productive as possible, while still getting in some stitching. Although other then working on an RR and working on a model, Eve has had very little attention. But here to share, her progress:

I am hoping to get some more stitching in on her this weekend. Unless something else grabs my attention, and that probably will happen! It has been a busy one around here, ever since Memorial Day. Lots of company, and the good kind, my youngest daughter and her husband came down for a few nights, always wonderful having them here! Here is a photo of Ashley and me, taken on my backyard deck:

Isn't she just glowing? I love you muchly, my Princess!
And another of her and Joshua, they are so sweet together:

Josh and Ashley's sil, is an amateur photographer and took these pics at their home, last Sunday.

That is the other (so far) member of their family, Brodie. He is a wonderful companion and friend to them.
And my personal favorite:

It won't be long now, they went to the doctor yesterday, and the baby has dropped. They are both hoping it is soon, rather then later, of course. Due date is July 7th!

On another note, my other daughter Megan and her significant other, JR, and I went to a downtown antique mall last week, and I found this wonderful wood plaque to give to Ashley, Joshua and the new arrival:

Don't you just love these shoes? The words say The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Step.

OK, that is about it for now, I hope that all of you have a most wonderful weekend! I have some blog reading and posting to catch up on, but other then that, I hope to get some yardwork done, that is IF the weatherman is wrong and it will NOT be raining. If it does you will find me either in the kitchen cooking and baking for family, or in my stitching haven, working at doing what I love! Thanks for reading and posting, your posts are always so uplifting and enjoyable to read. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Leaving you with one last pic...of course, I can't go anywhere without bringing home a good smelling candle, this one will be lit while I am doing whatever this weekend.

Love, Jan