Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A little stitching and lots of bragging Nana pics!!

Once again, I have been longer at posting, then I wanted to be, but I know that you all understand, at the fleetingness of time!! If we could just grab ahold of it, and help it to slow down.Like today, being hump day (midweek), wouldn't that be grand? Although I know those of you that work through the week, are wanting to hurry it along to get to friday, and I totally understand that, I also know that time would be grand if it slowed down a bit!

I went and spent last weekend with Allie Bug and her family! What a joy she is, well, her mother was as a child, so I am not surprised! I am sharing a few pics of my time with her, hope I am not overdoing it, but she is so cute, I can't help but share several!

Morning play time! Now which block should I remove first?
Who is having more fun then me? Daddy is a great daddy to lift me up in this pine tree, don't you think?
Oh boy, what fun Nana and I will have, going for a walk in the neighborhood! Care to join us next time?

 Oh such a long and fun day, and Nana's arms are pretty neat to fall asleep in! Nana thinks that I look pretty sweet when I am asleep, so she had Mommy take this picture of us! Aww...such a great nap!

  Okay, this is the next day...Mommy's birthday, and we are headed for a day of fun! I love it, that Nana is along with us, since that gives me someone else to talk to and look at in the back seat of Mommy's suv! See you all next time!

Alexandra is now almost 10 months old! Where does the time go? Her baby brother/sister is due to join us in September and the whole family is eagerly looking forward to that blessed arrival!

I have been stitching some, I decided for as long as I have had my Time and Season Sampler by the talented Moira Blackburn in progress, that I needed to really work hard at getting it finished! Oh what a glorious day that will be, I will be so thrilled to go and pick out a frame for her, so I can display her in the living room! Anyway here is a shot of her, the last time I took a picture, I do have a bit more done since then, so a bit further along. Not a really good picture, but just one showing where I am on her. Don't know why I am calling her 'her' either! lol I feel like I am roughly 2/3rds done, with all of the jumping around I have done, it is hard to tell:

I also stitched up a small piece, by Shakespeare's Peddler, and called Count Your Blessings, but shoot, I forgot to take a picture, oh well, there is next time!

Also, I have gotten back from my model stitcher the next design to be released from Tree of Life Samplings! It is now at the framer's, but I did take a few sneak peek pics of The Sparrow, if you would like to see, here is one:

AND, there are a couple of others on the Tree of Life Samplings blog, if you would be interested in seeing! At least until I get the piece back from the framer and I get a photo shoot date with it all framed! I am hoping to have it ready for release by the end of next week! We shall see!

That is about all for now, other then I want to thank you all for stopping by and taking the time to comment! It makes my day to read all of your comments, thanks for being out there!

Have some fun with your stitching today!

Love, Jan