Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Meanderings...

Time has certainly gotten away from me, can't believe last week zoomed and this weekend did as well! Had an enjoyable time though, went to my daughter's for dinner. She tried Lasagna for the first time and got rave reviews! Who would have thunk that this girl could cook, and enjoy it too???? Will wonders ever cease??? My contribution was homemade cherry and blackberry pies. You would think that Christmas had happened, that bunch should loves my pies!! Makes it worth the extra efforts!! Got home early evening, and DS came over to help me move my heavy desk, puter and files to the new office. It feels really weird to be visiting with you all, in a new room! Don't worry, as soon as I get it looking decent, I will share some pics! Lots to do this week, so it might be awhile!

I started a new project yesterday, yeah right, like I needed another project, to join the mountain of others I have...but what the heck! It is Sarah Salter by Sheepish Designs. Of course, I had to play with the colors and change them. I found the prettiest cut of 36 ct R&R Liberty Gathering Grey in my stash, and thought it would be great for this project, particularing because I did change the palette, somewhat! Pictured below is my meager beginning with the silks that I chose, Belle Soies...needless to say, with the lateness of the hour, I didn't accomplish much, but a start is a start, right? I plan on this being my Sunday project!!

Also an update of my This Is The Day! Haven't had much time with it, but every little stitch counts, especially when I am working on that fill! GRIEF

These actually show more the color of linen!

On another note, my pregnant daughter, Ashley has been ill. More then likely she has another dreadful kidney stone. Two years ago, she had one lodged in her kidney, and it took two surgeries to get it removed. But because she is in her 6th month of pregnancy, they can't do anything. Would appreciate your prayers and good thoughts, that she able to pass it on her own and soon!

Thanks for visiting and for all of your lovely commments, I look so forward to them and they are very much appreciated!

Have a wonderful and beautiful SPRING week in your area!