Friday, January 30, 2009

First Entry

I sure have been procrastinating starting a blog. I love reading others', so I thought it was time for me to start one. Of course, my passion is counted cross stitch, so most of the postings will be related to that somehow!

We had a huge snowfall this week, just shy of a foot of the white stuff. Thankfully there was no ice in the mix, so getting around wasn't too bad. Roads have been cleared and if you had someone sweet come along and offer to plow your driveway, then life couldn't get any better!

Here is the Belfonte Homestead, with it's wonderful cover! Probably won't see this much snow again, for along time. They say it is the largest snowfall we have had here in Indiana since 1987.
I will be back tomorrow, with hopefully some pics of my latest stitching!

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