Friday, October 8, 2010

Emma Rose Release~Ideas Needed~Small Giveaway!

Tree of Life Samplings 'Emma Rose Friendship'
Lakeside Vintage Buttercream, 40 ct linen
Needlepoint Silks

Hello dear friends, I am in need for you, when you have a few extra minutes, to go to my design blog: Tree of Life Samplings. I am working at getting designs ready for Nashville in February of 2010 and need your feedback, ideas, suggestions, for what you might like to see Tree of Life Samplings design. I have several ideas myself already, but some can be put on the backburner, if you come up with something that outshines the rest, so to speak! So come on over, speak your mind, and get your name thrown in a hat for one of my patterns (your choice). When is the drawing? Evening of October 22, 2010! Oh if you don't feel like posting, email me your thoughts and ideas, I am all ears and I will most assuredly include your name in the draw!

Thanks bunches, I appreciate your help and your visits!

Love, Jan


Patty C. said...

Good luck
Have a great weekend

Nancy said...

Emma Rose is just beautiful! I'm not sure that you really need help. Your design is wonderful!

Stitchinowl said...

Emma Rose is lovely. The colors are so soft and pretty.


Bertie said...

Gorgeous, I love this theme, houses are just wonderful.

Bizee Fingers said...

This is just beautiful, and what Ive been looking for in terms of subject it!!!

Theresa said...

I think Emma Rose is gorgeous as is!!!!!! Love the theme~~

Anonymous said...

I love Emma Rose and love your designs! I'm not sure you need any advice from me but I really love the samplers that incorporate Bible verses. Two of my favorites that I have never seen in any needlework designs are Psalm 1 and Psalm 121. I think those would be lovely to stitch. Tina S

Edige said...

This is absolutely perfect... and I love houses!!!
Thank you for the chance,
Edit from Hungary

Katrina said...

Love your Emma Rose design!

Kathy Ellen said...


I have an idea for a needlework design that has been swirling around in my head, and since I lack the ability to design, I would love to share it with you. Would you please send your email address to me? Thank you so much!