Friday, June 12, 2009

A Lil' Eve and Some Found Treasures!

It is almost mid-June already, unbelievable the way time just zooms by! Trying to take each day as a new one and be as productive as possible, while still getting in some stitching. Although other then working on an RR and working on a model, Eve has had very little attention. But here to share, her progress:

I am hoping to get some more stitching in on her this weekend. Unless something else grabs my attention, and that probably will happen! It has been a busy one around here, ever since Memorial Day. Lots of company, and the good kind, my youngest daughter and her husband came down for a few nights, always wonderful having them here! Here is a photo of Ashley and me, taken on my backyard deck:

Isn't she just glowing? I love you muchly, my Princess!
And another of her and Joshua, they are so sweet together:

Josh and Ashley's sil, is an amateur photographer and took these pics at their home, last Sunday.

That is the other (so far) member of their family, Brodie. He is a wonderful companion and friend to them.
And my personal favorite:

It won't be long now, they went to the doctor yesterday, and the baby has dropped. They are both hoping it is soon, rather then later, of course. Due date is July 7th!

On another note, my other daughter Megan and her significant other, JR, and I went to a downtown antique mall last week, and I found this wonderful wood plaque to give to Ashley, Joshua and the new arrival:

Don't you just love these shoes? The words say The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Step.

OK, that is about it for now, I hope that all of you have a most wonderful weekend! I have some blog reading and posting to catch up on, but other then that, I hope to get some yardwork done, that is IF the weatherman is wrong and it will NOT be raining. If it does you will find me either in the kitchen cooking and baking for family, or in my stitching haven, working at doing what I love! Thanks for reading and posting, your posts are always so uplifting and enjoyable to read. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Leaving you with one last pic...of course, I can't go anywhere without bringing home a good smelling candle, this one will be lit while I am doing whatever this weekend.

Love, Jan


Ashley said...

You're goofy with your candles mom, thanks for posting about me :) Love the picture, I'll have to show Josh later.

(I deleted a comment, I wanted to add to it, without having two comments, didn't realize it would say I deleted one, oops!)

Michelle said...

Love the photos!! And Eve is looking spectacular. I am going to have to break down and buy this chart...I just love it!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to your DD in her final weeks! I hope everything goes smoothly.

I've just noticed your avatar pic of Quaker Friendship Sampler - I really love the colour combination that you've used, it's so pretty!

Kellie said...

Jan, Eve is looking fantastic. Lovely pictures of you, your daughter and your son-in-law. How exciting! A new baby!! :) I love candles too. What kind of candle is that? It looks yummy! :) Have a great weekend!

Margaret said...

I love your Eve! And what wonderful pictures of the happy, expectant couple. You must be so excited, as well as they. Not long now!

Tanya said...

I do love the quote on the picture.
I am going to have to get to the antique mall. Beautiful pictures of your family, you're right it won't be long now. Eve is looking good.

BeckySC said...

Aw, what great pics of you and Ashley my friend :) I hope everything goes well with her...almost time for you to become a grandma :)
Your progress looks fabulous :)
Have a most wonderful weekend :)
Love ya!

Andrea said...

What great pictures! I know you must be so excited and thrilled about the new grandbaby! Your daughter is beautiful!
Love the candle :-)

Mary Beth said...

Wonderful pic of you and Ashley. And your favorite of she & Josh is so touching. I can understand why it's your favorite. It won't be much longer!!

Eve is looking great. Can't wait to see more of this pretty piece!

Mylene said...

A very good progress on Eve.

Great pictures of you all. Have a good weekend.

Nancy said...

I love your Eve sampler!

Congratulations to your daughter and her one and only! Such happy times.

Enjoy your weekend!

Deb said...

Jan, I just love how Eve is turning out! I might just have to add this one to the "someday" pile (I just can't stitch fast enough and I need to start Ellen B!).

Those pictures of Ashley are wonderful. I do love, though, the one where Joshua is kissing her tummy. That is such a beautiful picture. And I love that find of the Journey of a Thousand Miles verse. That is going to be such a great memento for her newborn.

I hear you about it being mid-June already. Where does the time go. It just seems like it's whipping by faster and faster. Even my kids said that they didn't believe that school was out and that half the year was just about gone!

Well, take care and have a wonderful, and maybe stitchy weekend! Gardening is good too, though. Yardwork sometimes is just as soothing as stitching.

Melissa said...

Awww, lovely photos. I sense happy celebrations in the near future!

Lovely stitching!

Suzanne said...

These are such lovely photos. Eve is looking great.

Loraine said...

Such darling photos Jan! I can't wait for the happy arrival. July 7th is my 16th wedding anniversary! Wouldn't that be a great day for a baby.

Have a great weekend as well. I love the candle. We are so much alike!

Kathy said...

Your Eve is looking wonderful!
I love the pictures of Ashley and Josh(and you dear friend, too). It won't be long now and you will be holding that precious baby!

Sharon said...

Jan, I can almost smell the sweet scent of your candle burning...'emmmm I'm burning "Cookie Crunch" at the moment and it smell's as if someones in the kitchen baking.

Love the photo of you and Ashley, and those of Ashley and Joshua. Ashley certain is glowing~there is nothing more beautiful than the face of an expectant mother. Many, many good wishes going out to the expecting couple!!!

The Thousand Miles picture is just gorgeous, and should look so beautiful hanging in the babies nursery. What a wonderful find.

Your progress on Eve is looking mighty awesome. Here's to hoping you can get both some gardening and stitching time in over the weekend.

Hugger's to Ewe!!!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Great pictures of all of you, Jan! Ashley looks so pretty and ready for baby - you must be so excited! What fun you are going to have! And the little picture you found is perfect.

Your Eve is really coming along and I'm lovin' it more and more as you progress.

Jan said...

Kellie, the candle is a cake candle, at least that is the brand, and the scent is Nutmeg Chutney...smells heavenly!:)

Katrina said...

Your Eve is so pretty! Love her.

The pictures of your DD and SIL are so nice.

Paulette said...

Ashley and Josh are a GORGEOUS couple - and what wonderful parents I'm sure they'll make. :) Great post!

Felicity said...

Oh wonderful mother-to-be pics! Congratulations in advance to being a grandma (again or for the first time).

Ranae said...

oh! A new baby yipee!
The photo's are lovely and of course precious.
Thanks for sharing.
I can't wait to see pics of the new arrival.

Siobhan said...

What beautiful pictures, Jan! Your daughter is just glowing, and you can see from Joshua's face just how excited and proud he is at his impending fatherhood. The plaque that you got them is lovely.

Lovely progress on your WIP!!

The candle is wonderful--but I love that bunny holding the Uncle Sam basket!! Too cute.

Kim said...

They look so happy! How exciting...waiting for the new arrival! :o))) ((hugs))

woolwoman said...

Jan - nice to put a face with your sweet words. Your family is so excited about the new baby - I can tell - they are wonderful! So happy - awesome to see.

Your eve is gorgeous - I'll have to put that one on my wish list - I don't have that chart but it's getting under my skin.

Thanks for your words of support - it means a lot to me. hugs Mel

Brigitte said...

Oh Jan, all those wonderful family pictures. Whata great adventure to become a grandma very soon. I wish your daughter all the best.
Eve is looking awesome.

Hazel said...

Beautiful wip and lovely pics of your dd. I wish I'd seen your great Mary Wig conversion before I'd started lol. Love the npis. x

Tammy said...

Awesome pics of your gorgeous family!

the primitive country bug said...

What a sweet post and your daughter is just a glowing new mommy to be!

Your stitcheries are incredible! You certainly are gifted!

blessings to you~ Birgit

Anonymous said...

Hey dear friend-

Great pictures of Ashley, you , and Josh. I know you are counting down the time til you become a grandma!

Love ya, Robin

doris said...

Great pictures of Ashley and Josh!

Miss Eve looks so wonderful that I wanna start it. But, no, not yet.

JOLENE said...

How exciting!!!! You are going to be a sparkling new Grandmother, how fun is that! I am a little jealous I must say, but I am happy for you. I noticed you are a new follower on my blog (yeah) so I wanted to peruse your blog, too. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Ellen Birdseye, it is absolutely beautiful. I am also a queen of good intentions, aka Startitis, there are just too many projects I want to do and sometimes it is just fun to have a change of pace and work with different flavors of threads. I think startitis is a good thing. Love your blog, and congrats on your upcoming addition to your family.

JOLENE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TinaTx said...

Wonderful pics!
Love the little shoe print.

Lizzy said...

Hey Sugar! Oh, what Beautiful photos of Ashley and Josh!!! They look so happy and just positively glowing! :)

And I love your antique plaque of the baby shoes! That saying is sooo perfect! What a "rare treasure" and such a wonderful find! ;)

And Eve is just gorgeous! I can't wait to start her! :) I know, I know... I need to finish something first! ;)

Love you to the moon and back! :)

Lizzy said...

Oops... silly me got carried away and nearly forgot to mention how lovely you look! I love the photo of you and Ashley together... :)

Forgive me da'lin... I'm sleep deprived today... not to mention loopy as well! ;)

Love you more!