Friday, December 6, 2013

Hello and Retreat 2014 Info...

Retreat 2014 News!

Lots of details and plans in the works for Tree of Life Samplings to host a 2014 Retreat! If you are interested in attending in June of 2014, and would like more information emailed to you, please let me know via
email of that interest!

Contact email:

Look forward to hearing from many of you!

I had posted this on the Tree of Life Samplings blog week before last, and decided I had better post here as well, so if I have any readers left here, you can see it too. I have been so bad about posting here. I am hoping to do better, but time is of a premium in my life! Anyway, thanks for being faithful, even though I haven't been!
I pray that your Christmas is blessed and your new year is bright!
Love, Jan


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